How to lose weight with diet

A low carb weight loss diet that works


There are a lot of people who have really unrealistic beliefs about weight loss. They believe that a particular part of the body can lose weight while the other parts will remain as they ought to be. Before you start your weight loss plan, it is important to debunk the popular weight loss myth, so that you can have the proper foundation to lean on. Here are 5 weight loss myths

  • Low-fat foods are the best for you

Mashru, a health scholar, has made it clear that most processed foods that are classified as fat-free foods contain more calories than the full-fat foods. In order to compensate the flavor that is excluded when there is no sugar, they have compensated it with sugar, salt, flour and other additives. Learn to read the nutrition information usually written on the body of the product, to find out the number of calories that you are consuming.




  • Exercise needs to be with all your energy and strength before it is effective

Most aspirants for weight loss believe that they have to exercise hardcore before it counts. That’s not true. No matter how little, it is effective as well. There are different types of exercise and not all of them are created to leave you drenched in sweat. Do not be deceived, your exercise is not measured by how long you spend in the gym. Just be committed and consistent. We also advise you to choose proper equipments that can aid you in your weightloss journey. 

  • Skipping meals is a great way to lose weight

False! This is not right. Even though it seems logical, it is not right. People who skip meals tend to eat more than they normally would and it equals nothing.


  • You can eat whatever you like as long as you exercise

You have to always maintain balance. You cannot have a bad diet and expect your weight loss process to be effective. Eat healthily.

  • The number of the scale is not the true marker of health

Yes, your doctor may use the scale to indicate some health conditions like obesity. But this doesn’t mean that the scale is always a reliable source of a healthy life.

The earlier you understand and work without these myths, the better and faster it is for you. As it will help you have a very effective weight loss process.



How to eat a diet that is extremely effective?

If you want a diet that is extremely effective, going high carb is really a bad idea!

How many calories can you eat a day from carbs

weight loss diet low in carbsA diet that is really high in carb results in high levels of insulin and the fats from your body aren’t broken down, so the weight loss results is almost not existent…

Carbs drive secretion of insulin. When you follow the low carb diet, blood sugar is balanced and lowered and therefore the insulin levels will also be much lower. The body can now access the calories that are already in fat cells. However, it may take some time for one to adapt to fat burning instead of the carbs.

Eat less than 400 calories from carbs each day!

When you take 100 grams of carbs everyday day, it can be quite satisfying. The appetite will eventually go down and your body is able to lose some weight.

My low carb diet leads to two to three times more loss of weight. This diet also has a very safe profile in comparison to other options that people are offered. You will not find any serious effects of following our plan. The diet plan has some great improvements on several very important risk factors. Triglycerides may go up and the blood sugar and blood pressure decreases significantly

The diet is extremely effective for weight loss. To learn more about daily calories for losing 2-3 pounds a week, watch this:


Why low carb diets work for weight loss

One of the best ways to lose weight and stay healthy is to keep your blood sugar and insulin levels low, and the easiest way to achieve this is with a weight loss low carb diet.

How come low carbs weight loss diets work?

low carbs weight loss dietsDuring evolution, human beings were hunter and gatherers. The diet changed after the agricultural revolution. A much massive transformation has been witnessed especially with the food processing that has been made so modern. Humans are eating a diet that isn’t in any way like that of the ancestors.

There are some populations in the present world that are still hunter gatherers and they are lean and are in the best of health. The diseases that are affecting western populations didn’t exist there and are very rare.

When people choose to take their daily calories from natural foods, weight is lost and there are massive positive impacts on their health.

Insulin hormone: this is a hormone whose role is to move glucose from blood to cells and a deficiency in the same or resistance results in diabetes. Insulin’s other role within the body is to inform the fat cells when to produce fat and when to stop the fat breakdown. When high, the body doesn’t use up the fats stored up to give energy. So, keep your insulin levels low by eating less carbs and more proteins and fats.


Why our low carb weight loss diet plan works so well

In here you will learn why our low carb weight loss diet plan works so well and will give you such amazing results.


Healthy eating is capable of preventing serious issues such as heart disease, type II diabetes and obesity. Therefore, healthy eating can save your own life.

What is an effective weight loss diet

weight loss with dietA low carbohydrate diet usually works at minimizing starches and sugars and then replacing them with foods that are very rich in healthy fats and proteins. Real food is the food that humans used to eat.

With our diet, you avoid artificial chemicals and any unnatural foods at all costs. Our low carb diet isn’t just about eating; it is a true lifestyle change that follows scientific evidence that is very clear.

This is a where the foods that were eaten by humans before the industrial and agricultural revolutions are still eaten in the present day. Our diet encourages 100 grams carbs each day as it works much better than the diet that is low in fat.